Movie Buzz Generated by Facebook

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Movie Buzz Generated by Facebook

Did you realize how much social media influences movie rankings and popularity?  Once, critical reviews and viewer word of mouth assisted in determining how many people went to see a particular movie. A batch of great 'word of mouth' generated so called 'sleeper' hits that were not predicted by studios or critics.

Ranking methods have altered. Social media advance 'buzz' shapes some successes. One  theater owner had a routine of surveying Friday matinee audience for predictions of long term success.

However, social media means that "liking" or "dislikes" of moviegoers travel to friends in real time.

Below is a Facebook like chart (courtesy of Boxoffice Magazine) compiled Sept. 12, 2016.

The likes tabulate pre-opening interest months ahead, i.e. #1 currently is interest in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" sequel not due until Feb. 10, 2017. The "like" chart to no surprise has comic fan fav, "Suicide Squad," still in second. However, "Mechanic Resurrection" comes in third. The film is 15th in its third week of release.

This weekend, September 16, has a crowded slate: "Bridget Jones Baby," "Blair Witch," "Snowden" and a Christian limited release. "Blair Witch" and "Bridget" finish #4 and #5, while the bio of "Snowden" is tenth.

The top film for September 9, "Sully" has a FB rank of #8.

The weekend Top 10 from Box Office Mojo were:  Sully; When the Bough Breaks; Don't Breathe; Suicide Squad; Wild Life; Kubo; Pete's Dragon; Bad Moms; Hell or High Water; and Sausage Party.



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