FLASHBACK: Cohen Brothers Caper "Big Lebowski" Next

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FLASHBACK: Cohen Brothers Caper  "Big Lebowski" Next

Jeff Bridges and John Goodman star in an early Coen Brothers caper parody,"The Big Lebowski," in a scattered farce about a pothead bowler who is mistaken for a deadbeat philanthropis.

Joel and Ethan Coen have made 17 movies ranging from "Raising Arizona" to "Hail Caesar ." As one critic noted, "even the Coen brothers worst movies are still not horrible."

A New York Times critic wrote, "Watching it amble along is enough of a treat, since the Coens populate this story with oddballs and bowling balls of such comic variety."

Another writer said, "[they] rummaged through political and personal history for the underpinnings of this Los Angeles caper, from 1998, sending up, with rueful astonishment, the American way of war."

Intriguingly, the film has "perfect" to a flat zero ranking, where the reviewer still admitted, 'this isn't the worst movie ever made."

Funny, twisted and pretty groovy, you can catch "Big L" once again on the big screen with an audience for two days only --- Sunday Sept. 18 & Wednesday Sept. 21 @ 2 & 7 p.m. at select Marquee Cinemas.

It's part of their Flashback Series. Next up: Alfred Hitchcock's , "North by Northwest."

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