Tri State Youth Football Results

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A Douglass Cammack 30 Beverly Hills 0

B Beverly Hills 20 Douglass Cammack 8

C Douglass Cammack 16 Beverly Hills 0

D Douglass Cammack 30 Beverly Hills 0


DC Malachi Payne 39 yd run (Cylis Allen run)

DC Malachi Faulk 40 yd run (C. Allen run )

DC M Payne 23yd run (Daelon Page run )

DC C Allen 1 yd run (run failed )


DC Jayln Abercrombie 15 yd run (J Abercrombie run )

DC Zahtrelious Jackson 25yd run (D'Edrick run )


DC 72 yd pass from Zyan Hager to Jordan Price (Michael Johnson run )

BH Malik McNeely 2yd run )Amari Felder run )

BH Gavin Lochow 12yd run( run failed )

BH G. Lochow 15yd run (run failed )


DC Jaylen Motley 65yd run (run failed )

DC J Motley 34yd run (run failed )

DC J Motley 36yd run (run failed )

DC J Motley 32yd run (run failed )

DC J MOtley 56yd run ( run failed )




B Buffalo 20 Lawrence County 0

D Buffalo 36 Lawrence County 22


Buf Ezekiel Lewis 3 run (PAT failed)

Buf Lewis 50 run (PAT good)

LC Andrew Ratcliffe 40 run (PAT good)

LC Connar York 12 run (PAT good)

Buf Grant McComas 41 run (PATfailed)

Buf Lewis 20 run( PAT good)

LC York 55 run (PAT failed)

Buf Lewis 66 run (PAT good)


Buf Ryan Sowder 15 pass (PAT good)

Buf Kayne Trent 3 run (PAT no good)

Buf Sowder 11 pass( PAT no good)



A Gallipolis 22 South Point 0

B South Point 28 Chesapeake 0

C Chesapeake 18 South Point 0

D Chesapeake 20 South Point 0


Ches 12 run Elijah Neel (PAT failed)

Ches 27 run Cooper Barker (PAT failed)

Ches 16 run Kaden Perkins (PAT Cooper Kazee good)


Ches 44 run Will Jones (PAT no good)

Ches fumble recovery 12 run Drew Plants (PAT failed)

Ches 51 run Grant Holley (PAT failed)


SP Blaine Freeman fumble recovery in the end zone (PAT good Gage Chapman))

SP Chapman 26 run (PAT failed))

SP Chapman 46 RUN PAT failed)

SP Levi Lawson 12 pass (PAT good Isaac Smith)


Gal Mason Skidmore12 RUN (PAT failed)

Gal Brody Fellure 11 INT (PAT Skidmore good))

Gal Skidmore 49 INT (PAT Skidmore good)



A Fairland 20 Barboursville 2

B Fairland 48 Barboursville 6

C Fairland 22 Barboursville 16

D Barboursville 28 Fairland 0




Bar Jacob Savage 59 run (Beau Christopher run)

Bar Christopher 38 run (Bryson Smith run)

Bar Kanon Dillon 26 run (run fail)

Bar Caleb Palier 20 run (run fail)


F Kameron Kitts 5 run (Brody Buchanan run)

Bar Aden McCormill 4 run (McCormill run) F Ethan Wall 20 pass to Brycen Hunt (run fail)

Bar McCormill 34 fumble return (McCormill run)

F Wall 2 run (Kitts run)


F Nathaniel Chianessi 3 run (run fail)

F Steeler Leep 30 run (run fail)

F Cole Lucas 3 run (run fail)

Bar Gabe Mullins 65 run (Hunter Huff run)

F Leep 20 run (Matthew Williams run)

F Sam Ward 2 run (Mason Ward run)

F Hunter Swann 8 run (run fail)

F Peyton Jackson 45 run (Zack Cornette run)


F JD Brumfield 21 run (run fail)

Bar Safety Penalty in the End Zone

F A. Porter 12 run ( C. Mayo pass to R. Kazee)

F Mayo 15 pass to Kazee (run fail)


B Gallipolis 40 Ona/Milton 0

C Ona/Milton 42 Gallipolis 0

D Ona/Milton 26 Gallipolis 6


O/M Mason Salmons 2 run (PAT failed)

O/M Salmons 20 run (PAT failed)

Gal Lorezo Brazell 72 run (PAT failed)

O/M Levi Reed 5 run (PAT failed)

O//M Salmons on tackle for safety

O/M Sam2 run (PAT failed)


O/M Noah Sargent 60 run (PAT failed)

O/M Sargent 10 run (PAT failed)

O/M Cody Chapman 55 run (Logan Hobbs run)

O/M Ty Hill 59 run (PAT Sargent)

O/M Sargent 45 run (Noah Stroud run)

O/M Chapman 42 run (PAT failed)


Gal Hunter Shablin 25 run (Hudson Shabin run)

Gal Hudson Shablin 2 run (Kenyon Franklin run)

Gal Conner Roe 2 run (Joey Dawnbaugh run)

Gal Roe 65 run (Franklin run)

Gal Hudson Shablin 56 run (Hunter Shablin run)




B Tornado 14 Hurricane 12 C Tornado 8 Hurricane 2 D Tornado 14 Hurricane 12 D Tor David Robinson Jr. 70 run(PAT failed) Hur Hayden Burton 4 run(PAT failed) Tor Robinson Jr. 40 run(Malachi Hall) Hur Gary Wayne Willie 1 run(PAT failed) C Tor Chris Mccorkle 40 run(Eli Littlejohn Hur Team Safety B Tor Duane Harris(Kristian Johnson) Tor Johnson 11 run(PAT failed) Hur Jacqai Long 2 run(PAT failed) Hur Tristian Scott pass (PAT failed)



A Vinson 40 Ceredo Kenova 0

B Wayne 34 Vinson 14

C Ceredo Kenova 30 Vinson 8

D Vinson 26 Ceredo Kenova 0


Vin Hayton 42 run (Sanders run)

Vin Sanders 54 run (PAT Failed)

Vin Sanders 52 run (PAT Failed)

Vin Howard 2 run (PAT Failed)


CK E Null 6 run (Booth run)

Vin L McGuire 1 run (Thomas pass)

CK E Null 40 run (PAT Failed)

CK E Null 45 run (Booth run)

CK E Null 38 run (McClure pass)


Way L Cassidy 58 run (PAT Failed)

Way L Cassidy 25 run (PAT Failed)

Way J Damron 54 run (Adkins run)

Vin T Curry 60 run (PAT Failed)

Way D May 55 run (Damron run)

Vin T Curry 32 run (Hazlett run)

Way R Murdock 46 run (PAT Failed)


Vin C McCloud 22 run (Nicholas run)

Vin C McCloud 42 run (Keesee run)

Vin B Hayton 62 run (Keesee run)

Vin B Turner 36 run (Early run)

Vin C Bailey 6 run (Nicholas run)


10/10/16 -4-

Tri-State Youth Football League, Inc.


Marty Murphy, Commissioner

Phone: (304)733-2373 Best time to Contact 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (304)617-0645


Lynne Murphy, Media Information Coordinator (MIC)

Phone: (304) 733-2373 or (304) 617-0183





Playoff: First Round

D-A Divisions

Saturday, October 15, 2016

All games begin at 10:00 on Saturday and 1:00 on Sunday unless otherwise noted. Cost is $4.00 adults and $1.00 for students for Play- Off games.

at: Buffalo at: Chesapeake (start time 9:00)

A Vinson- Bye A Ceredo Kenova-Bye

B Wayne vs. Hurricane B Lawrence County vs Gallipolis

C Buffalo vs. Hurricane C Chesapeake vs. Barboursville

D Vinson vs. Ona/ Milton D Ceredo Kenova vs. Beverly Hills


A Hurricane vs. Tolsia

B Douglass Cammack vs. Chesapeake

C Beverly Hills vs. Vinson

D Tornado vs. Wayne


at: Douglass Cammack

A Fairland- Bye

B Tornado- Bye

C Douglass Cammack- Bye

D Douglass Cammack vs Lawrence County


A Barboursville- Bye

B Beverly Hills-Bye

C Fairland vs South Point

D Barboursville vs south Point


Sunday, October 16, 2016


at: Chesapeake at: Wayne

A Buffalo vs Beverly Hills A Wayne vs Gallipolis

B Buffalo vs Gallipolis B South Point vs Ona/Milton

C Ceredo Kenova vs Gallipolis C Wayne vs Ona/Milton

D Buffalo vs Gallipolis D Chesapeake vs Fairland



at: Tornado

A Douglass Cammack vs south Point

B Fairland vs Vinson

C Tornado vs Tolsia

D Hurricane vs Tolsia



Second Week Games to be played on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at South Point and Douglass Cammack (AD Lewis field). Sunday, October 23, 2016, games will be played at Barboursville (Cabell Midland field) and Ceredo Kenova (Spring Valley High School). Semi Finals will be on Saturday October 29, 2016 at Vinson and Sunday October 30, 2016 at Tornado. The Turf Bowl will be played on November 5, 2016 at the Joan C. Edwards Stadium Marshall University.


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