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Huntington Museum: American Artists of Color and Elaine Blue: The Performance Exhibits


We live in an age of hyphenated Americans, where even Appalachian-Americans are considered a minority by many colleges and universities. The United States’ diverse population is known as a “melting pot” or a “salad bowl.” Either way, the fact remains that it is a society made up of people from many countries, and made rich by influences from various cultures.

This exhibition, drawn from the Huntington Museum of Art’s permanent collection, presents works by African-American, Asian-American, and Hispanic-American artists either from or working in the United States.

The opening reception will be Sunday, Feb 6, at 2 p.m. The Performance Exhibits will include light refreshments and a reading of Elaine Blue’s poetry by Carolyn Thomas--actress, writer, and director

The exhibition will include paintings, prints and sculpture dating from the early years of the 20th century up to the present. Artists include Henry Ossawa Tanner, Yasuo Kunioshi, and Enrique Chagoya, among others.

There is no admission fee.