GUEST EDITORIAL: Reynolds Did Not Sponsor Single Substance Abuse Issue During Ten Years in Legislature

Updated 2 years ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

by Jared A. Page

Deceptive Doug Reynolds says he will fight the drug issue in West Virginia, but instead of using his ten years as Delegate to pass meaningful drug sentencing and drug reform laws, all he does is politicize this serious issue. During his time in the legislature, Reynolds did not sponsor a single bill addressing substance abuse issues that became law. But now that he’s running for higher office, he expects voters to believe that he can lead on this issue.


Reynolds represents Huntington, which has been ground zero for the drug epidemic in our state. Just last year, over 900 overdoses occurred in Huntington alone. How can he point the finger at our Attorney General for this crisis?


Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has aggressively fought from Day One to address the substance abuse epidemic and enforce the laws. Over the past three years, Patrick Morrisey has combated the substance abuse crisis facing West Virginians through multi-million dollar verdicts against drug companies and manufacturers, as well as prosecutions of drug traffickers.


Morrisey created a substance abuse fighting unit in the Attorney General’s office, increased the number of investigators in his office and led the way to develop a Best Practices Initiative that has started a conversation among prescribers, medical professionals and law enforcement officials. No state official in West Virginia has been more pro-active on this issue than Patrick Morrisey.


If West Virginia re-elects Patrick Morrisey we will get action. With Doug Reynolds? West Virginia will just get slick TV ads and no plan.

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