David “Alligator Jackson” Williams Releases New Book – “The Boiling Point”

Updated 1 year ago Edited from a Press Release
Local author David “Alligator Jackson” Williams has released his latest powerful fiction book “The Boiling Point.”  The Boiling uses fiction to tell the truth about the Huntington drug epidemic.  It examines the drug epidemic from all points of view. 
The novel is centered around fictional Huntington Police officer Dakota Cook and it follows him and his fellow officers on several adventures that examine the drug epidemic.  The characters encounter offbeat characters as they patrol the streets of Huntington.  The book follows them as they investigate drug-related murders and help save drug overdose victims.
A detective’s daughter is kidnapped by a gang of drug dealers from Detroit who seek to take over the drug business in Huntington.  A Huntington legend, The Old Centaurians, reunite to attempt to rescue their friend’s daughter.
The book is available at most online retailers including Amazon and locally at Empire Books and The Red Caboose.
The author will hold a book signing at Empire Books on Pullman Square on Saturday November 19,2016 from 11am to 2pm.
 David "Alligator Jackson" Williams has a Master's Degree in Training and Development from Marshall University.     Under the name Alligator Jackson, he has released 6 CDs worldwide.  His hits "Beer Truck" and "Liquid Courage" received airplay in several countries and are staples on internet southern rock radio stations.  
He was a writer and performed on many comedy skits as a member of the internet radio shows "Westlake and The Pig" and "The Fabulous Dancing Pig Show.  On that show, he helped interview members of Ratt, Triumph, Nashville Pussy, Rainbow, Kiss, and other rock icons.     Williams has written the books "Money Town", "The Streets of Moneyton", "The Legend of Alligator Jackson" as well as other fiction and non-fiction books.     Alligator Jackson wrote fake news article for The Diggerer including one which had over 250,000 reads.  He also wrote news articles for HuntingtonNews.net and his own website Inside Huntington.  .David is currently employed in the mental health industry.
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