Trump Endorsed for President

Updated 3 years ago HNN Staff
Trump Endorsed for President

HNN realizes that this endorsement is late, but we believe it is necessary. Though the Tri-state area is pretty much solidly behind one of the contenders in the Presidential race, according to most reputable polling, we feel it is essential to weigh in. Why?

For a very important reason: because most of the national media and press have piled on in a scrum to denigrate and to ridicule one of the two major party nominees as invalid and insensible, unworthy of serious consideration. We believe contrarily, that both major candidates have the requisite qualifications to serve. However, we believe there is a clear choice.

That choice cannot be Hillary Clinton. Secretary Clinton represents the continuation, indeed, perhaps the culmination of a disturbing trend. Her election would be one more step in creating a monopoly of power in the institutions of the state. Already, the left is in supreme control of the educational and information organs; having complete control of the leadership of the press and the media, the universities and the schools. Clinton adds to this the unenviable but well-earned reputation as confirmed by the Wikileaks transcripts of being a wholly owned subsidiary of finance capital and the international corporations and investment banks. To elect Hillary Clinton means that one endorses giving the full power of the state, stripped of all fetters by the bipartisan abuses of power of the last 16 years of executive overreach to one who will use it to reach into every aspect of our civil life, all the while aided and cheered on by the institutions. This we cannot do.

We do not pretend that Donald Trump is perfect. He was not necessarily our first choice for President. He is however, by any measure save that of experience in government, superior to Mrs. Clinton in every way. Trump's judgment on the central issues has bas been unerringly right. A country without borders is not a country at all. There should be an end to the political subversion of all federal agencies. The Supreme Court should interpret, not make, the law. The national debt must not be allowed to double again in eight years. Taxes on the middle class should not be increased. Putting coal miners out of work is foolish. Life and the Second Amendment must be protected. Trade deals and all treaties should be viewed in terms of putting American interests first. On all of these issues Trump represents a clear and a correct choice as opposed to the Democratic alternative, moreover, his running mate gives us an insight in to the capacity of the persons he would appoint to serve in his administration: smart, capable, and conservative.

For us, the choice is simple. We urge all readers to vote for Donald J. Trump for President.

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