by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
LETTER TO EDITOR: Administration Doesn't Understand At Large Councilwoman's Popularity


Ahhhh the aftermath of the election.

Well, I'm happy with the council we got... There's a couple of others I would have liked to see win but Huntington has spoken, so I'm happy with what we have.

A now sitting councilman has spoke his mind grumbling about the two at large victors.

The current administration just doesn't understand Rebecca Thacker's popularity.
Let me give this a shot. Rebecca is for the people of the city of Huntington. She just doesn't do what Mayor Steve says. She listens to what the people who elected her want and she fights for it. You see, that is the way the job is supposed to be done. The politician is suppose to represent the people.

I like Mayor Steve. He represents the city well. Unlike me, he combs his hair and looks good in a suit and gives people a good impression of our city. He looks good in the hundreds of pictures he is in each day. Unlike the opponent he beat, he won't want to take people who don't agree with him outside and he won't be on CNN for having restraining orders against him or doing anything to embarrass us. He's a good man with a good heart.

But I don't always trust his judgement, and at times I question his motives. This is why we have City Council. City Council is supposed to be the checks and balances.

City Council is not supposed to be yes men or yes women. They listen to their districts. Huntington is a diverse city. Mayor Steve favors the rich and the elite either consciously or unconsciously. Huntington has a lot of working class people, college students, and elderly or disabled living on a fixed income. Rebecca stands and fights for these people. I believe Tina Brooks will too.

I believe Mr. Shockley and Mr Vence are good businessmen who will try to help grow Huntington's business and economy. I believe we have a council that is as diverse as the city. They can listen to their districts and through negotiation and debate, and comprise, serve Huntington well and push Mayor Steve to be the best he can be.

If we wanted a Council to be just like the mayor, they would give Council free hairspray.