FLASHBACK: An Early "White Christmas" on Screen

FLASHBACK: An Early "White Christmas" on Screen

It's one of the films that seems to turn up on television every year along with "It's a Wonderful Life." "White Christmas" stars Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in a big, big screen musical. (Fred Astaire was unavailable.)

The festive, bouncing , hearty and humorous film is actually a sequel to "Holiday Inn  " (1942).  A song and dance team travel to a struggling resort in Vermont, where they boost business by hosting a series of extravagant shows.

Yes, "White Christmas" (1954) featuring Irving Berlin music does partially re-spin the original, but Paramount introduced their then new giant screen enhancer --- vistavision.

Here's what one reviewer wrote about the favorite:

"Bright colorful production is beautifully filmed in the widescreen format VistaVision. White Christmas also spotlights some really splashy dance numbers including "Choreography", "Abraham" and "Mandy". The latter of which features dresses and tuxes in such blazing reds and greens, the color is simply bursting from the frame. The spectacle was syrupy sweet when it came out, but feels even more corny today. A less secure critic might be embarrassed to concede that he actually delights in this sort of hokum. I freely admit I enjoy this film without one iota of shame. There's a sugar-coated artificiality to the proceedings, but that's what makes the old fashioned display so heartwarming."

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Watch "White Christmas" with an audience and on a large screen as it was intended.

Anyone want to sing a long?


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