LETTER TO EDITOR: Open Statements to Mayor Steve Williams; Boxing Event Challenge

Updated 2 years ago

This is an open letter to Mayor Steve...I trust someone will make sure he sees this.....

Dear Mayor Steve,

It has come to my attention that you knew you were going to ask for sanitation increases three months before the election took place. It is obvious that you are rushing the vote by City Council so you can get votes from your yes men Rosenberger, Ball, and others before they leave.  Joyce Clark  and you are bullying the people of Huntington into a raise in fees they do not want and cannot afford. Then, you have the nerve to accept a $10,000 raise? 

Quit bullying the good people of Huntington. Why don't you stand up and let people speak about this and then let the council the people elected vote on this.

(EDITOR'S NOTE:  According to the rules of council, no one from the public may speak without council's waiver of the rules . The Mayor did not deny public speech at the meeting; council did. )

 If Huntington is in bad shape, why don't you not only be a leader and decline a raise, but perhaps take a cut. When I beat you for Mayor in 2020, I will work at a much cheaper rate.

I trusted you and supported you in the election, and  you want to raise fees now that the election is over. 

We are the same size, age, and even have the same last name. I challenge you to a charity boxing event. If I win, no fee. If you win, you can raise the taxes.

I will not tolerate the bullying of our citizens. Huntington is made up of college students, elderly, and a working class that can not afford this taxing crap.

Let the class war begin, Sir. Be bold and take my challenge, All proceeds could go to local charities.


EDITOR'S NOTE: HNN edited portions of the submission.

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