Edited from a Press Release from the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

Mayor Steve Williams provided the following information to City Council members this evening regarding efforts to keep the city clean:

Household Garbage and Special Pickups: From December 2015 to November 2016, Public Works removed 16,013 tons (32,026,000 pounds) of household garbage. During the same time period, it removed 2,637 tons of trash (5,274,000 pounds) through 8,421 special trash pick-ups.

Downtown Cleanups: For eight months out of the year for the past two years, Public Works crews have picked up trash on 3rd and 4th avenues in downtown Huntington on Saturday and Sunday mornings. On average, the crews pick up 500 to 550 pounds of garbage each weekend. That's approximately 16.8 tons, or 13,600 pounds of garbage that have been collected during the past two years.

Code Enforcement Citations: From July 1, 2013, when Code Enforcement was moved to the Huntington Police Department, to present, a total of 8,283 citations have been issued. The compliance rate for the citations has traditionally been 75 to 80 percent, but Police Chief Joe Ciccarelli reports that compliance has been at 95 percent for this year.

Street Sweeping: Residential street sweeping from July 2015 (when the service began) to present has resulted in 1,535.08 miles swept. 5.472 million pounds (2,736 tons) of debris has been removed and each neighborhood has been swept six times.

Downtown street sweeping began in October 2015 and has resulted in 775.11 miles swept. 2.318 million pounds (1,159 tons) of debris has been removed.