LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Mayor Steve, decline raise , please

Updated 3 years ago Special to Huntingtonnews. net, from a Census Bureau news release

I do want to clarify that I am not angry at City workers. I walk my dog very early downtown on Sunday mornings and I see workers out then. I see them in the cold and in the heat.

Our city trash and sanitation work hard and earn their money. I'd much rather see them get raises instead of the mayor. I think it's terrible that the mayor and Council would take raises instead of giving them to the people who clean the streets and make the toilets flush and the water flow.

I am angry because the administration wastes money and mismanages it. The mayor has too large of a staff for a city this size. Too many cronies on the payroll. A $10,000 raise is $40,000 more the City gives out over the rest of Steve's term. Add that to the $34,000 he gave to Chief Skip and it becomes evident that this mayor dude is costing us money.

At this point, it's not so much the increase of money, it is the fact that he and Council are getting raises and really all they have done is send us the bill. Workers fix it and the city administration sends us the bill and we pay it and the administration takes credit by giving themselves a raise.

The mayor is fixing the city on the backs of City workers and paying for it on the backs of the city's working folks: but yet he's taking the credit by accepting a big raise.

Mayor Steve: please do the right thing and decline the raise. It is the decent thing to do.



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