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LETTER TO THE EDITOR:  Former Mayoral Candidate Opposes Sanitary Increase, Pledges to Create an Oversight Forum

Citizens of Huntington.

Regarding our City and the Sanitation increase and all other actions regarding our tax and fee funds.


There is a new infrastructure trillion dollar bill that will fund in part or completely any needed repairs and rebuilds. This will pass due to the majority in both houses. This should be completed by March. Huntington will certainly be eligible.

What is the real rush. Look further than the present. If this passes and the funds from Washington become available will the Mayor and Council reduce the increase?


This will become a slush fund. We need to hold accountable all of our elected officials and all of there appointed leaders.
Who is the executive director of the Sanitation Board since Mr Akers has passed?

Why do we allow the Mayor to play a dual role?.
Separation would allow for more transparency.

We need to as a city and citizens form an oversight committee that begins to force transparency from all departments. It is clear that the council and the administration is not going to do that.
A Watch dog if you will.

I am willing to take the League of Principled Citizens and create a forum for oversight of Huntington's City Government.

Are you willing to help?

I will let all of you know soon how we need to proceed. Spread the word.

A secret is the birthplace of a lie.

Steve J Davis
League of Principled Citizens

Editor's Note: He ran for Mayor in the Republican Primary