COMMENTARY: Restrictions implicate non-pain Patients and PTSD/Anxiety Sufferers

Updated 2 years ago HNN Staff

Although supporting the continuing war against abuse of prescription drugs, the vigilant campaign against certain prescription drugs leaves a void for legitimate patients.

Many people with severe chronic pain  are refused comfort.

Many people with panic/anxiety PTSD disorders are being discriminated against. They endure a label as "druggie" each time they fill an authorized prescription.

I have this disorder. I am alive due to a physician's continuation of use of a panic drug by prescription for 35 years that has calmed me through dissolving it under my tongue. Otherwise, I might have carried out danger to myself.

A WV doctor who has defied the others by continuing to treat  chronic 'pain' suffers has been forced to resign and give up his medical license.

He boycotted his own hearing at the West Virginia Board of Medicine. The site stated that his hearing was "continued," but a decision has been made which fores his retirement without sufficient time to properly  "wean" chronic pain and psychiatric patients from their legitimately prescribed scripts.

These same issues face allergy patients.

And of course, Huntington loses jobs.

The new restrictions punish and diminish quality of life under the US and WV Constitutions, without full due process.

FDA Requires new warnings on danger of combining opioids, benzoidiazepines


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