Pureflix.Com Joining Forces with Clearplay to Deliver Clean(er) Content to Families

Updated 2 years ago Edited from a Press Release
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. and SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 19, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ -- PureFlix.com, a leader in the faith and family streaming video space, is partnering with ClearPlay Inc. to provide consumers original content, movies, TV shows and more completely free from any offensive language.

ClearPlay's innovative playback filtering technology is designed to work with the PureFlix.com existing library of more than 5,000 titles. It also opens the door for the addition of new content, which previously may have been rejected due to concerns about inappropriate language.

Now, by simply enabling the filtering technology from an on-screen PureFlix.com menu, all offensive language is seamlessly muted during playback.

While PureFlix.com is available on several streaming devices, the filtering technology is currently designed to work only on ROKU and most computer browsers. It will be available to PureFlix.com subscribers in spring 2017.

"Working with ClearPlay enables us to further fulfill our promise of no language, sex or violence surprises with our faith and family-focused content," said PureFlix.com's CEO Greg Gudorf. "A portion of our customer base--who have very strict personal guidelines on what they deem appropriate--has spoken and we've listened."

While the clear majority of PureFlix.com's content is completely free from what most consider offensive language, some conservative Christian families have a zero-tolerance policy for certain imagery and/or words.

For example, in the wholesome "Heartland" series, the word "hell" is uttered during an occasional episode. With ClearPlay's technology enabled, this and all language considered offensive is muted without interrupting the program being viewed.

"This is a tremendous win-win situation for the consumer," said Matt Jarman, CEO of ClearPlay. "Parents can now fine-tune their family's viewing experience for even more wholesomeness in their entertainment and both companies get to fulfill their goals of providing families with positive entertainment."
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