LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fee will Crush Some Huntington Residents

Updated 2 years ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

A lady sent this to me .....this sewer tax will crush some folks in our city. If they truly care for the folks they will look for other avenues for the money instead of breaking the citizens back.

Mayor Williams, I am a 67 year old woman living on nothing but SS. Income of $732 a month. How am I suppose to pay for all the increases that you are asking for?

I am totally against it and think you and your council should reconsider. As far as you getting a raise, try living on what I make. I would love to see you try it for just one month. It's not easy and most of the month I don't have money for food.

You are the Mayor and should be trying to help the people. Also, I don't see any improvement with the drugs and prostitution. You need to take care of the city. Not line your pocket.



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