LETTER TO EDITOR: Hold Elected Officials Accountable for what we Cannot Afford

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To all the citizens of Huntington.  Let us remember some very basic facts.

All of our elected officials are simply that.

We elect these people to represent us at the various levels of our government.
If someone decides to place themselves on the ballot for any office we have the belief that they like us want what is the best for us and themselves.

Many times those who have decided to run for office have the best of intentions and some proceed throughout their political career doing just that.

Other times those we elect either loose hope in the system that they are in and simply go with the flow or they take the approach that they are going to build a career and move upward in the political system.

It is up to us to hold those we elect accountable.

We must make sure that the best interest of the people is being served. While we all have different opinions as to what is right and what is wrong one thing remains very clear.

What we can't afford we can't afford.

The tax and spend attitude of manny elected officials seems to look to them as an open bank account. Many times the zeal for progress gets ahead of the means by which to pay for it.

Good intentions of the elected are not a bad thing until they reduce the ability of their constituents to live a fiscally sound life.

Government whether it be local, State or National needs to be held accountable.
Corruption and career building always leads to more cost to the taxpayer.

We as taxpayers must stay engaged as to what those we elected are doing in our behalf. We have the right to know what our money is being spent on and why.

Huntington needs sewer repairs. We also need to fully fund our fire and police pensions and a list of other needs. As citizens we need to choose what comes first. I would say that public servants who have served us with a promise of a good life after putting their life on the line come first.

The increase in sewer fees is not the great answer to a decades old issue.
We have alternatives. Some local and some federal. We should wait for the new administration to pass the trillion dollar infrastructure revitalization bill to pass, which it will.

This along with other issues are being brought to council in a rush should be tabled until the new council is in place and the alternatives can be explored.

I intend to bring oversight to this city and state with the League of Principled Citizens. Basic fundamental business practices that prove accountability at all levels.

With the help of concerned citizens and businesses we can work to assure the success of our city and state.

Honesty and truth are transparent A secret is the birthplace of a lie.

Steven J. Davis
League of Principled Citizens
League of Principled Men

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