Division of Natural Resources Will Conduct Major Hunter Survey

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va.The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has contracted Responsive Management to conduct a major hunter survey, according to Curtis I. Taylor, Chief of the DNR Wildlife Resources Section. Responsive Management will use a random telephone survey in February and March to conduct the study. 

“It is essential to have an accurate estimate of hunters by season type and county to make effective management recommendations,” said Taylor.  “Responsive Management is a national leader in wildlife and conservation surveys and we have contracted their expertise to play an integral role in determining hunting participation across West Virginia.  In addition to hunting participation, we will be gathering additional sociological information pertaining to West Virginia residents’ opinions on the deer population in their counties.”

West Virginia residents that are randomly selected are encouraged to participate in the survey even if they do not hunt. “We are charged with managing wildlife for all West Virginians and we value their opinions. Therefore, even if you do not hunt, we would like your opinion in our survey.”

Results from the Responsive Management survey should be completed by late July.