Radiation Mutations & Cancers in North Carolina Photographs and Diagrams Fukushima & Nuclear Power

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North Carolina plants mutating, extreme rates of cancers all being ignored or lied about.

As of 2015, even more wild plants are mutating. Dr. Colette Dowell, ND, Executive Editor of www.circulartimes.org interviews Mary Olson of Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS). Discussion containing photographs and diagrams. Radiation from Nuclear Plants, Fukushima, Atomic Weapons Test and other sources, causes genetic damage, creating mutated babies, plants and animals. North Carolina is experiencing many mutations in its botanical species and extreme high rates of Cancer. Dr. Dowell has photographed local mutations and has been researching radioactive fallout globally for nearly 4 decades. Circular Times main article with many photographs and maps at:


NOTE: Sony film conversion HC96 to FCP drop. Interview clip a bit shaky…

"In my research I have noticed that the mutations happening in the plant world, are the same mutations that Humans and animals are displaying whom have been exposed to the Chernobyl Nuclear fallout as well as Depleted Uranium the United States used in its "dirty bombs" in Iraq and the Middle East. Nuclear Radiation leaking from Nuclear plants has caused the mutations as well. Chronic exposure as well as high levels in a short time frame will permanently mutate an organic entity.”

"I have learned that the Fukushima Nuclear Facility is constantly spewing/leaching radioactive isotopes into our atmosphere, land and water, and that the majority of facts related to the extreme outpour of radiation have been cloaked, manipulated and lied about by TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Company, aka. General Electric) and the Japanese Government in conjunction with the American Government and other International Government Agencies such as the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, the Japan Atomic Energy Commission, the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United States Atomic Energy Commission, amongst many others. I am actively researching the radiation leak/fallout from Fukushima, Japan. Also, please read inserts from Dr. Helen Caldicott's, 1994 Book, "NUCLEAR MADNESS," which I highly condensed and edited for Circular Times, Volume One - Issue Two, 1995 to promote her work and create awareness."
Dr. Helen Caldicott’s Nuclear Madness:


Global Bankers and Energy Corporations are covering up radiation levels.

Dr. Dowell is a "Downwinder" ........conceived and born in 1957, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She lives with experiencing the consequences of genetic mutation. (The 1991 RECA Federal coverup of populated townships exposed to radioactive fallout from the Nevada Test Site)

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