Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

The time has come to look for a different way to operate. Cutting police and fire is not an option. I will soon be putting into motion a committee to explore the options. We are circling the drain. There is no reason to allow the fiscal nightmare at city hall to continue.

I am recommending a metro government model be looked at by all in Cabell County. This however will take time. As for the immediate future we need to begin a firm process of gathering written signatures and addresses of registered voters inside the city limits of Huntington.  Polls and petitions on any web page will not pass the test.

We need to let all of our council members that we demand change and that less fire and police will not be acceptable. We want full fiscal transparency, and we want the Governor to step in and provide honest guidance regarding this budget crisis.

We can do all of this with a petition.  I believe that we would need about 4,000 signatures. 4000 signatures will give us enough for a total recall and show that we are serious.

I am willing to set up the forms and set this in motion. We have some very good new council members we need to let them know what we want first. Taking the petition to them should be our first step.

If we do not receive any action from them them, we will take the same petition to Charleston. We need to give our council an opportunity to do the right thing and work on a real solution This would include a reduction of staff at city hall and possibly public works. We have to bring our labor and benefit costs back to a manageable margin. We have to cut out any extra spending no matter how unpopular that is.

Please  message me with your comments or contact information. Remember I am only one but where two or more gather in agreement there is authority. This is our city Show up, Stand up, Speak up Please share this. Stay tuned.

Steve J Davis

Founder League of Principled Citizens League of Principled Men