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Warning: This review may have a biased. It's the first big screen movie I've watched since the concussion after effects. Go easy on me. I likely did with it too.

Watching a cursed video tape which brings on death within seven days has been the franchise premise. The characters have been vulnerable and in reactive avoidance moods. By contrast, Julie (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz ) has a proactive fighting approach when Holt (Alex Roe) falls in with some paranormal experimenters and views the dreaded tape in college.

Franchise fans will find this one a little ore introspective and more investigative. I mean why and how did this woman at the dreaded well snuff tape begin circulation and how many more innocents will view it for one reason (excuse) or another?

After a compelling and attention achieving airline grab you, the scene moves to a college and the long distance relationship between Holt and Julie.

Seems the slightly crazed professor has noble --- though cliche --- life after death investigation goals but these are muddled by a "tag" your next concept to pass on the curse to someone else to stop your own death clock from ticking.

I found the Julie and Holt trackdown for the curse's origination involving. The story sticks with supernatural themes (after death a displaced spirit must find a resting place) and a generation long legend where human interference released the spirit's ire.

The putting pieces together reminded me of a few "Dark Shadows" blends of science and supernatural. Ultimately, "Rings" (I won't say the spoiler)  does a climax flip flop that opts for a send up for another sequel rather than an acceptable resolution.

"Rings" does stick with dark side entity scares and avoids grossly violent excessive scenes. It's best ---listen filmmakers --- to craft a terrifying seed in the viewers mind then let it gradually grow and explode than to simply lead up to one hide your eyes moment.

Franchise lovers could find the newest fix worthy and as stated more out of the box than prior segments. Give filmmakers credit for their efforts to 'update' the series due to the demise of VHS, too.

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