LETTER: Has Tsubasacon Outgrown Huntington Hotel Occupancy?

Updated 2 years ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

Due to the ever growing size of Tsubasacon's attendance, expanding over into the Big Sandy arena gave us more space. More space means more attendees. Unfortunately that means less hotel space. Holiday Inn and the Pullman Plaza hotels being prime choice due to location has, in turn, caused them to be all booked up, forcing people to have to drive to Hal Greer exit to stay in the 4 or 5 choices of hotel/motels there.

Making a drive through downtown Huntington and back 2-3 times a day is fairly inconvenient and also even pretty dangerous considering the number of near wrecks I've witnessed along the stretch what few times I've even been in Huntington. Point is, Tsubasacon is possibly over growing the Big Sandy arena area, perhaps not the venue, but definitely the hotel space of the area.

Which brings me to my question, would Tsubasacon ever consider moving back to the Charleston Civic Center?

If it did what impact would that make on attendance?

I know that the Civic Center has a large amount of space in their convention hall, a huge atrium, a theater area with a stage, and even a little lounge area. There would be plenty of hotel choices, all in easy walking distance. The town center mall food court and restaurants for food choices on the cheaper side.

So, staff and attendees alike, what would everyone's thoughts be on Tsubasacon being held in Charleston once again?


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