OPINION: Adjust Sewer Rate Increase; Fund Police, Fire like Sewers

Updated 2 years ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

We seem to have a vision of grandeur when it comes to sewers. Just like we do with everything else we look at from the corner window of city hall.

Council. Hear me and hear me clear.
Fix this.

The sewer rate increase can be adjusted. We need an estimated $750,000 to convert the chlorine out of the [waste treatment] plant. After that we can slowly stair step until we see what the trillion dollar infrastructure bill will allow. Have we even asked Evan Jenkins for help? The EPA?    It is their job not only to cite issues and attach fines it is also their job to help find funding.

One more question: What  leader cuts safety yet asks for sewer money? If the sewers run over in a storm, will that be the first time?

The Mayor knew these issues  before he asked for the sewer increase and made the cuts in police and fire. Ask yourself. Why are we not funding police and fire like we are sewers.?


Steve J Davis
Concerned Citizens of Huntington

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