Marshall Women’s Studies to present ‘Body Shots’ March 3

Updated 2 years ago
Marshall Women’s Studies to present ‘Body Shots’ March 3

Marshall University’s women’s studies program will present “Body Shots X: Yas Queen” at 7 p.m. Friday, March 3, in the Francis-Booth Experimental Theatre on the university’s Huntington campus.

Body Shots is a unique collaborative effort involving community members and Marshall students and faculty from across disciplines exploring themes relating to gender and the body. This year’s participants are from art and design, English, history, anthropology, theatre, dance and political science, among others.

“Yas Queen” is a phrase that conveys audacity, said Dr. Greta Rensenbrink, associate professor of history at Marshall. It is “anything applause-worthy, fierce,” according to the Urban Dictionary. Originally coined by LGBT+ communities of color, it has become a broader declaration of power and affirmation. It is, after all, based on the image of a queen. Body Shots X will explore queens and audacity in myriad forms. From literal queen bees to figurative ones. From Beyoncé to Hillary Clinton. From Disney Princesses to the queens from the Game of Thrones. There will be dance, music, speeches, and theater.

There will be a reception after the show. Admission to the hour-and a-quarter-long show is free and open to the public.

The performance is being sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts, Department of History, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Sexuality Studies, Women’s Center, and Women’s Studies.

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