BREAKING: Oscar Mishap... "Moonlight," Wins Best Picture After "La La Land" Crew on Stage

Updated 2 years ago
Best Actress Emma Stone on Red Carpet
Best Actress Emma Stone on Red Carpet
Courtesy ABC

Here's to the fools who made me dream and reach for the stars...... repression is the enemy , keep dreaming those .....

Surreal. With the crushed dream handed away, a mistake from a card given to  Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway turns "Moonlight" into the Best Picture, after the producers from "La La Land" made speeches and held their Oscars.  Beatty was given the wrong card which had  Best Actress Emma Stone's name on it. He hesitated, but Faye Dunaway blurted, "La La Land."

No joke. It's live television. Many thought it a "fake news" ruse, still, Moonlight  was then announced as Best Picture even as "La La" filmmakers continued speaking.

Nominated for 14 trophies, "La La" won six including director Damien Chazelle, actress Emma Stone. Best Song, Production Design, Original Score and Cinematography. "Moonlight" made for $1.5 million dollars collected three wins.

Once "Moonlight" won, the topic of diversity replaced dreaming in speeches.

Ironically, in 2016, Oscar voters were criticized for lack of diversity in the winners and nominations. All the performers demonstrated sensitive empathy despite the mix up.

Earlier, an Iranian producer boycotted the show and had a letter read in support of those impacted by the still in flux travel ban.

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