UPDATED: Sound Improved; Huntington's Cutbacks Lead to Retiree's Suicide

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UPDATED: Sound Improved; Huntington's Cutbacks Lead to Retiree's Suicide

The health and budget cut backs by the City of Huntington have led to a fatality --- A retired police officer took his life after learning  his benefits would be cut back. With permission of the family, Herman Becket read the "note" left to Huntington City Council members, Mayor Steve Williams and the public.

Becket told HNN that the "note" had been read with the full permission of the man's family. Capt. Paul Price, 76, served the city for over 30 years. Both the family and Becket attribute insurance costs --- higher co-pays and deductables -- as the reason for his death.

"When April 1, (2017) arrives my check will not be enough to cover expenses and my meds It has become impossible to pay everything with my check. We will not be able to survive. My health is getting worse as each day passes... I am truly sorry for what I have done but there appears no other way out for me... May God have mercy on my soul...."


Facebook reactions have been swift.

One man wrote, " Retirees should not have to face this. Such an awful thing to happen to a man who served his country and his city. How can this be stopped?"

Another commented that the officer gave "the city many good years, " adding, "Huntington is causing the retirees a real hardship, so many of the guys are unable to go out and get a job now to help with expenses they are to old and have many health issues."

UPDATED: Sound Improved; Huntington's Cutbacks Lead to Retiree's Suicide

Mayor Steve Williams declined to comment.

No one on council commented after the reading either.The proposed budget for the Huntington Police Department will be discussed at the Saturday, March 4 session.

Due to the sensitivity and respect for the retiree, the final comment calls for prayer:

"Lord I pray that you show the city government of Huntington to stand up and do the right thing for these Police [and fire] retirees. These men and women have stood against all kinds of evil during their years of service."

  Larry Zimmerman

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