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We use a working budget and we spend all of that and never adjust to pay old debt.

Then kick the can down the road.

So when an issue like this past few months hits we are in a crisis.

$22 million for the closing of the landfill is owed and that is only part of the total 180+ million we have to pay to and for various debts. This is why the current administration likes to focus on health care and pensions.

If they would cut the gross overweight at city hall. Take the sewer and public works private we could accomplish several things.

Put more police and fire back on the street and do the repairs for flood areas. We could also stay in line with the health care and pensions.

Currently we are not protecting the city and paying far to much for sewer. This is a political football that the air is quickly leaving. Any further police and fire layoffs as rumored and this will be further evidence of a lack of constitutional awareness and further need to remove all of the council and mayor from office.

So yes we are broke and we have a mountain to move. It can be done however.




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