Leaking Underground Tank Vapors Have Contributed to Worker Deaths in Washington and .... ?

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Leaking underground tanks have led angry workers in Washington to share their horror and agony stories concerning working at a nuclear plant where they were told "it's safe."

In an investigative report, (below) a TV network was granted access to the property but one contractor declined to show the reporter the current air readings for where they were standing.

Cold War and nuclear power plants and those that provided contracted services for them were located across the United States, including one in Huntington --- the Huntington Pilot Plant at then Huntington Alloys which processed and recycled fuels from gaseous diffusion sites such as plutonium.

Experts call it “the most toxic place in America” and “an underground Chernobyl waiting to happen”: the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state, which produced plutonium for America’s nuclear arsenal 70 years ago. Today the federal government spends about $2 billion taxpayer dollars a year to contain deadly waste there. NBC investigative correspondent Ronan Farrow takes a closer look as part of TODAY’s Undercovered series.

As one social media writer said, " This is happening in many other places besides Hanford. It's important to get the word out and stop the lies that are killing workers and passing genetic damage on to the children affected. Birth defects could have been avoided" ... if the workers had known of their exposure. 

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