DEVELOPING...Bad Day for Huntington OD's

Updated 2 years ago Photos by Crystal St. Clair
DEVELOPING...Bad Day for Huntington OD's

Huntington's fire department, police department and CCEMS responded about 5 pm Tuesday, March 14, to a presumed overdose in the 900 block of Monroe Avenue.

At the time the photo had been taken, responders had entered one of the structures.

Social media has reported four to six OD's in the city on the same day that Mayor Steve Williams and Jim Johnson, Mayor's Office of Drug Control Policy , appeared on MSNBC.

City Council on Monday approved resolutions accepting over $650,000 in grant funds for drug rehabilitation services and treatment of inmates with misdemeanor charges.

During the Tom Roten Radio Show, David (Alligator Jackson) Williams related that ten deaths had occurred in the last two weeks.

"They get pulled back into (addiction) so easily, the only thing you can do is take it off the streets.  The only way we're going to beat this is go after supplies," Williams said on the Roten Show.  Reciting a visit to a drug recovery church service, he stated, it only takes one bad dose to kill. Williams said , "HPD is doing the best they can (with arrests)... but the drug are out there taunting (those in recovery)."

On his web page David Williams has an unofficial compilation of drug OD dispatches composed from scanner traffic. From Feb. 1 to March 8, 2017, the locations total 115 separate locations. One entry stated that multiple OD's occurred at the address.Others in early March note at least three responses to the 900 block of Monroe Avenue, where the apparent OD Tuesday , March 14 occurred.




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