Finance Committee Hears Highlights of Local 598 Labor Management

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Finance Committee Hears Highlights of Local 598 Labor Management

Local 598 of AFSCME approved a two year collective bargaining agreement 30-10 that includes a 2% pay raise, according to Chris Slaughter, Steptoe & Johnson labor bargaining  attorney.

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams explained that the $92,127 per year will be absorbed within the departments which the employee's work, so no new appropriation from the general fund will be necessary.

Health care increases will be delayed one year until July 1, 2018, as the increases will offset the 2% increase.

The finance committee voted unanimously to recommend it favorably to the full council .

Slaughter told the committee that the contract is for two year, not three, due to "a cloudy crystal ball" particularly concerning federal health care law.

The health care plan which would take effect April 1, 2017 raises premiums to $90 per month for singles and $217 for families. Spouses are not required to accept insurance from their employee as originally proposed. They will be allowed to remain on the city's insurance. Co-pays and deductables do increases, too.

Retirees are required to accept Medicare advantage and their cost of benefits will not exceed 38% of the COBRA rates.

Slaughter indicated that the clothing allowance is increased by $100, the work week is re-defined, long term 'significant others' are included for caring and/or bereavement , and dispute resolution includes arbitration for employee discharge.

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