Athens International Film + Video Festival begins its 44th edition

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Athens International Film + Video Festival  begins its 44th edition

Athens International Film+Video Festival officially began it's 44th edition April 3. The week long festival features hundreds of productions in a variety of narrative and non-narrative screening blocs.

This year’s festival takes place through April 9 at the historic Athena Cinema, 20 S. Court Street in Athens, Ohio.

Playing Tuesday, April 4 at 9:00 PM  will be "Dim the Fluorescents" with Director Daniel Warth in person.

Struggling actor Audrey (Claire Armstrong) and aspiring playwright Lillian (Naomi Skwarna) pour all of their creative energy into the only paying work they can find: corporate role-playing demonstrations. When they book the biggest gig of their careers at a hotel conference, work commences on their most ambitious production to date and the ensuing tensions threaten to derail both the production and their friendship. As wryly funny as it is unexpectedly poignant, Dim the Fluorescents is a one-of-a-kind portrait of the artistic life and process in the unlikeliest of settings.


Wednesday, April 5

1:00 For The Record Competition Shorts

1:15 Alone Among The Taliban Competition Feature

3:00 Timbre and Texture Competition Shorts

3:15 Ka Bodyscapes Competition Feature

5:00 Margaret Rorison – In Person Special Event

5:15 Who’s Gonna Love Me Now Competition Feature

5:30 One Week and A Day International Feature

7:00 Not Right Competition Shorts

7:15 The Commune International Feature

7:30 Kedi International Feature

9:00 Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain Competition Feature

9:15 Love 2.0 Competition Shorts

9:30 The Transfiguration International Feature

9:10 After Party – WestEnd Cider House Special Event

Thursday, April 6

1:15 In the Hills and Hollows Competition Feature

1:30 Occupational Hazards Competition Shorts

3:00 Body In Space Competition Shorts

3:15 Tip Of My Tongue Competition Feature

5:00 The Future Competition Shorts

5:15 My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea International Feature

5:30 Dani Leventhal & Sheilah Wilson – In Person Special Event

7:00 Contemporary Color International Feature

7:15 One Week And A Day International Feature

7:30 In Q Competition Shorts

9:00 The Space Between Competition Feature

9:15 Bare It All Competition Shorts

9:30 My Life as a Zucchini International Feature

Friday, April 7

1:00 Behind The Scenes Competition Shorts

1:15 This Land Is Your Land? Competition Shorts

3:00 The Other Kids Competition Feature

3:15 Me, Myself and I Competition Shorts

5:00 Toni Erdmann International Feature

5:15 Mostly Charming Competition Shorts

5:30 Whose Streets International Feature

7:15 Lisa Donato & Fawzia Mirza In Person – Signature Move Special Event

7:30 The Billboard Boys Competition Feature

8:00 One Week And A Day International Feature

9:00 Burden International Feature

9:15 Flicks and Giggles Competition Shorts

9:45 My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea International Feature

Saturday, April 8

11:00 AM Saturday Morning Cartoons Competition Shorts

1:00 Other Worlds Competition Shorts

1:00 Contemporary Color International Feature

2:30 Milwaukee 53206 Competition Feature

3:00 Concrete Jungle Competition Shorts

3:15 My Life as a Zucchini International Feature

4:50 Toni Erdmann International Feature

5:00 The Trampoline Competition Feature

5:15 Harlan County U.S.A. – with post screening discussion Special Event

7:15 The Commune International Feature

7:30 Postmortem Competition Shorts

7:45 My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea Int F

9:15 Life in 6 Films Competition Shorts

9:15 The Transfiguration International Feature

9:30 Hair Raising Tales Competition Shorts

9:30 After Party: The Union Special Event

Sunday, April 9

11:00 AM Noise & Donuts: Haffas Record Special Event

12:30 Toni Erdmann International Feature

1:00 The Modern Jungle Competition Feature

1:15 Baby Business Competition Shorts

3:00 A Good Person Competition Feature

3:15 Chosen Custody of the Eyes Competition Feature

3:30 Kedi International Feature

5:00 Rajko Grlić – Every Story Is a Love Story Special Event

5:10 The Transfiguration International Feature

5:30 My Life As A Zucchini International Feature

7:00 Best of Fest Special Event

9:00 2017 Festival Wrap Party: Athena Cinema Special Event

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