Substantial Changes Made to WV Medical Marijuana Bill

Updated 1 year ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

The House of Delegates has passed significant amendments to the medical marijuana bill and a vote on the full bill is imminent.

Changes remove portions that would have allowed users to grow their own plants, instead, five licenses would be available for production and licenses would be sold to those requesting filling prescriptions. Physicians would be required to take special education before they could begin prescribing the drug.

The bill is significantly different than the Senate passed version. Since the Republican controlled House issued a directive opposing the bill, it's unknown what type of reconciliation.

For a detailed rundown of what happened in the legislature visit the blog:

Medical Marijuana Bill Amended in House Evening Session

The House reconvened at 3:45 p.m. to discuss SB 386 (Creating WV Medical Cannabis Act). Two amendments were proposed. One by Delegates Shott and Zatezalo and one by Delegates Pushkin, Hornbuckle, Byrd, Hill, McGeehan, Lane, and Robinson. Both amendments were explaned, first Shot’s then Pushin’s. If the body voted for Shott’s amendment, then Pushkin’s amendment wouldn’t be up for adoption. Amendments to the amendment adopted shall happen after one is chosen.


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