SNEAK PREVIEW: Kings Island Opens April 15

SNEAK PREVIEW: Kings Island Opens April 15

With more than 100 rides, shows and attractions, Kings Island offers the perfect combination of world-class thrills and family attractions. Guests can experience the park’s 15 thrill-inducing roller coasters, including Diamondback, the tallest and fastest roller coaster at Kings Island, and the world’s longest wooden roller coaster, The Beast! Families can spend the perfect day together in the 13-time, award-winning Planet Snoopy kids’ area, or step back in time to periods between 245 million and 65 million years ago in Dinosaurs Alive!.

New for 2017 will be the much awaited Mystic Timbers coaster:

Rivertown’s beginning was the formation of the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad and the Miami River Lumber Company. The lumber company began buying large sections of wooded land with the goal of using the railroad to make it easier to ship the timber out. But something mysterious, something that could not be explained, began to happen. The area surrounding the lumber company became overrun by a medusa-like growth of vines as nature moved in and reclaimed its land.

You Tube footage shot by Kings Island personnel of the first 'test run' of the new coaster.

Themed to an area surrounding a lumber company becoming overrun by a mysterious medusa-like overgrowth of vines as nature reclaims its land, Mystic Timbers will be 3,265 feet in length, reach 109 feet in height and weave along steep cliffs, down ravines, cross over water and go through an extreme S-turn, among a forest of trees, at speeds up to 53 mph.

Admission to Kings Island includes Soak City – the park’s massive 33-acre waterpark! Call (513) 754-5700 or visit

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