By Shelly Reuben
INTRODUCING SHELLY REUBEN’S NEW NOVEL:  My Mostly Happy Life – Autobiography of a Climbing tree

Dear Readers ~

For almost ten years, Shelly Reuben has shared her thoughts, musings, and stories with us in her column “Shelly’s World.” But until today, we’ve never had the opportunity to present one of her full-length novels.

This Friday – and on consecutive Fridays until the book’s end – we have a special treat for you. HuntingtonNews.Net will be serializing Reuben’s new illustrated novel, My Mostly Happy Life: Autobiography of a Climbing Tree.

Although it is unusual today for adult fiction to be accompanied by artwork, in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, great authors like Arthur Conan Doyle and Charles Dickens serialized their illustrated novels in newspapers and magazines before they were published as books. With Shelly Reuben’s new story, we are happy to bring back that great tradition.

The book’s illustrator, Ruth McGraw, is a talented artist so attuned to the characters that, as you read, you will think, “Wow. That’s exactly the way I imagined them!”

In your exploration of the chapters, you will meet: Samuel Swerling, an inventor who created the park where the narrator lives; Sam’s granddaughter Esther, who inherited the responsibility of protecting the park; Esther’s best friend Pegeen, who enchants cockatiels; Winton the ferret; Merritt Jones, the fireman; evil Jarvis Larchmont, who wants to destroy Sam Swerling’s park; and many other characters that we’re sure you will enjoy.

And now, we urge you to settle into a comfortable chair as we welcome you to a corner of Shelly’s World you have never before entered: My Mostly Happy Life: Autobiography of a Climbing Tree.