WV Budget Bill Passes, but NOT One Negotiated by Governor

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WV Budget Bill Passes, but NOT One Negotiated by Governor

The House of Delegates passed a budget bill early Sunday morning, but its not the one that Gov. Jim Justice negotiated with the State Senate during a 10  p.m. April 8 news conference.  The Senate passed an amended  bill 22-12 on a party line . The House concurred 63-37. The bill goes to the governor. It is unknown whether Justice will veto or sign the bill.

Based on an analysis supplied by WV Public Broadcasting, the bill cuts appropriations to Marshall University and WVU by 9%, cuts Medicaid spending $48 million from the DHHR, and does not include the 2% teacher pay raise.

Based on reports, "the devil is in the details," but due to the last minute theatrics and maneuvers, the contents may have some surprises.

As best known, there are no taxes in the bill.

Nor do the Republican controlled chambers have votes necessary to override a veto.

WV Budget Bill Passes, but NOT One Negotiated by Governor

Delegate Nelson (R- Kanawha) said, "This budget raises no taxes and takes 90 million dollars out of the rainy day fund to replace what would be cut from Medicare."

Delegate Kelli Sobonya (R-Cabell) said, "When you don't have the revenue and pass the cuts, this is what you get."

Delegate Zatezalo (R-Hancock) stated, "I say we pass the budget right now and then get to the negotiating table."




As explained on the floor by Senate Finance Chair Mike Hall, the bill:

•    Includes $90 million from the Rainy Day Fund

•    Cuts the medical services line item in Medicaid by $48.7 million

•    Cuts West Virginia University and Marshall University by 9 percent

•    Cuts West Virginia State University and Blue Ridge Community Technical College by 2 percent

•    Cuts all other higher education institutions by 4 percent

•    Does not include the proposed 2 percent teacher pay raise or cuts to the school aid formula

•    Cuts Regional Education Service Agencies by $3.6 million

•    Cuts the Educational Broadcasting Authority (West Virginia Public Broadcasting) by $1 million

 Sen. Ryan Ferns, R-Ohio, said back in February:

"“It’s almost like a grizzly bear walking through the woods and then a poodle walking behind him, barking and nipping and all this kind of stuff, for nothing. And basically, at some point in time, if I’m the poodle I’m concerned that the grizzly bear is going to get tired of all the tweeting and the little crap that’s going on and turn around and eat your ass.”

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