Pro Publica Wins Pulitizer for Public Service

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Pro Publica, a non profit investigative public interest journalism alliance, has won a Pulitizer Prize for investigation of the New York police department in conjunction with the NY Daily News.

HNN publishes select stories from  Pro Publica's selection of nationally distributed features, including Agent Orange, settlement of an age discrimination suit against Texas Roadhouse, and investigation of the N.Y. Family Court.

Richard J. Tofel, President, ProPublica, issued the following statement:

"I am pleased and proud to tell you that ProPublica has won its fourth Pulitzer Prize.

The Pulitzer gold medal for Public Service was awarded for a series of investigative stories about the New York Police Department’s use of nuisance abatement orders, published in collaboration with the New York Daily News.
Nuisance abatement orders are a little-known practice in New York that allow police to dislodge people from their homes or businesses without due process, often without being convicted of, or even charged with, a crime.

These stories are strong examples of ProPublica’s mission: to expose abuses of power and spur change. Once our initial investigation was published, the New York City Council began working to reform these practices and the NYPD drastically diminished their use of the orders. Shining a light on abuses like this can be a force for change, and that is always our aim at ProPublica.

I’m so proud that this series was recognized for journalism’s most prestigious award. We’re also very pleased to report that our work on the hidden dangers of algorithms, Machine Bias, was a finalist for the Pulitzer for Explanatory Reporting.

Thank you, very much, for supporting journalism that makes a real difference."

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