REVIEW: "In the Key of Blue" Released

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REVIEW: "In the Key of Blue" Released
Hydrogyn/ Godz guitarist Jeff Westlake's solo CD "In The Key of Blue" is not as much as a musician expanding his horizons and trying something new;however, this is a musician digging deep into his rock roots and reinventing himself. Although known as the lead guitarist for the world renown Hydrogyn for over a decade, this new CD make bring him acclaim as a blues artist.

Westlake not only plays guitar like Garry Moore but also steps behind the microphone and sings..... With very good results his vocals are clear and crisp.

The blues rock chords are not a stretch for West lake who cut his teeth playing 70's bluesrock like Screaming, but he does take several chances on this debut blues record.

On "Mountain", Westlake has a Ritchie Kitten feel to his playing. His Gene Simmons/ Ace Frehley styled vocals give the song a 70's bluesrock feel... Kind of like Kiss doing blues rock.

"Midnight Whispers " esculates with creeping Led Zeppelin-like riffs. "What's In The Fire" has Westlake channeling Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan with funky, psychedelic riffs and a big, meaty chorus which sounds like Ace Frehley singing blues rock. Westlake's guitar is on fire near the end of the song in a psychedelic explosion.

"Queen of Sorrow" is a more rational blues number with a Cajun feel and a sense of urgency.

Westlake takes the biggest chances on the CD's most shiny gems - the title track and "So Much Love To Give". On the title track "In The Key of Blue" is a majestic romp of sexy blues. His guitar is extremely sensual and his vocals are just whiskey soaked enough to blend together for an emotionally sensual rollercoaster ride.

"So Much Love To Give" will be the biggest surprise for Hydrogyn fans. This song is more sexy blues with a very romantic vibe. Westlake's urgent pleading vocals merge with his screaming guitar to create a song girls will love. This would actually be a good song to slow dance to on a late night at the club.

Jeff Westlake as created a blues album that is not just a side project, but rather a start to a new career. Watch Joe Bonamassa and Kenny Wayne Shepherd .. There's a new kid in town. The key to mastering blues is creating music you can feel down in your bones... And Jeff Westlake successfully turns the Key to rattle your bones on "In The Key of Blue".

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