Timbers Rolling... Catch a POV from the first ride at Kings Island

Updated 1 year ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net

Kings Island debuted their speedy new wooden roller coaster, Mystic Timbers, to members of the media and coaster enthusiasts on Thursday, April 13, and we finally got the answer to the much-hyped question, "What's in the shed?"

I was thoroughly impressed with this addition to KI's impressive coaster collection. It barrels through the wooded terrain at speeds of up to 53 mph, giving riders plenty of airtime, and never lets up until the very end. Filmed Thursday, April 13, 2017. Some footage, including all on-ride footage, was generously provided by Kings Island. Many thanks to my good friends Anne and Jarred, and Theme Park Insider for the opportunity to be a part this fun event.

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