AN EASTER PRAYER: Help in the Season of Rebirth and Hope

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AN EASTER PRAYER: Help in the Season of Rebirth and Hope

Editor's Note: Unofficial reporting suggests an Easter of heavy overdose sorrow. The payer, though, applies, no matter what the official final calculations.


Double figures in overdose [estimates]  today... [several] deaths.

Not today... Not Easter... I really cannot deal with this anymore.

This is the season of rebirth and hope. Please, Father, please be with us. Please guide us and reunite Mayor Steve with those that are hurt and angry so we can work together to find a solution to this madness. Please guide Huntington back to our glory when we could keep our doors unlocked and walk down the street without being armed.

Please be with our first responder and keep them safe as they save our lost.

Please let them do their jobs without fear of being laid off.

Please be with the families who have lost brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and other loved ones.

Please help them find piece and make sense out of a senseless situation. Please help those who have passed and pray they reach Heaven.

Please be with the loved ones who cringe in fear when the phone rings in the middle of the night, terrified that a loved one has overdosed and pass.

Please be with those who fear their addicted loved one could die at any moment.

Please pray for the broken homes caused by the epidemic and pray for the children who struggle.

Please pray for the addict.

Please give them the strength to find sobriety and peace of mind.

Please bring us all together. Please heal the hurting in Huntington.




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