BREAKING... "Force" Falls to "Fury" as Furious Races to International Record

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
BREAKING... "Force" Falls to "Fury" as Furious Races to International Record

The force has been beaten. Tentatively. According to estimates, "Fate of the Furious," which opened in the USA and internationally this weekend has claimed the #1 spot for an opening week boxoffice take. The racing jewels took in nearly $532.5 million dollars squeezing past "Star Wars Force Awakens" $529 million.

Final numbers will be released Monday.

Of interest -- "Star Wars Force Awakens" did not include a Chinese opening week debut; the Asian nation did not open "Force" until a month after the United States.

Domestically, "Fate" etched in at $100.2 million and an "A" from the Cinema Score audience. That far below the $174 million opening  of  Beauty and the Beast which has crossed the one billion mark worldwide. Boss Baby ($15 million) and Beast (13.6 million) came in #2 and #3 followed by "Smurfs Lost Village" and "Going in Style."

Next weekend sees the release of five new films including the Warner Bros. thriller Unforgettable along with Open Road's The Promise, Phoenix Forgotten from Cinelou, Free Fire from A24 and, finally, Disneynature's Born in China.

None of the films have hugely saturated screen totals, so depending on where you live, cinemas may pick and choose what they believe to be the most popular.  "The Circle," "How to be a Latin Lover," and "Sleight" follow on April 28, which set up the hugely awaited Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II for May 5. Baywatch and the newest Pirates of the Caribbean will wrap May leading to the June 2 release of Wonder Woman.

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