LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let's Round Up the "Johns" Too

Updated 1 year ago Special to HuntingtonNews.Net, by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let's Round Up the "Johns" Too

Dear Editor,

Spring has sprung and the flowers, birds, and prostitutes are everywhere. Well, at least the prostitutes are sprouting on the West End. Sweeps last week and this week have netted eight prostitutes. Before I ask why there haven't been any johns arrested... Let me first share  my grievances against prostitution.

Prostitution spreads diseases, brings sexual predators into our neighborhoods, provides customers to the local drug dealers, and is an eyesore in general.

Whatever happened to the idea of John Boards? John Boards was the controversial concept of placing pictures of arrested johns on billboards for everyone to see. I say that idea shook too many johns. Lisa Stone, a prostitute arrested last week and interviewed on WSAZ, said that many johns are well known figures in our community.

I believe this is why "John sweeps" are few and far between. I think the very idea of one of our pillars of society being busted as a John has scared the crap out of some suits at City Hall. We can shame a drug addicted hooker, but we sure don't want to cause marital problems for rich and powerful johns, do we? We can't embarrass the city's elite, that wouldn't be fair.

My buddy, we will call him  The Trash Man, does regular crime patrols in The West End. I call him The Trash Man because he takes out the trash. I even created a character after him in my book Deadly Sorrow.

The Trash Man tells me that he has encountered and faced four or five pillars of society picking up prostitutes in the West End. Just this past week he had a run in with a Stamford Park resident who must of got lost and ended up in the West End.

The Trash Man takes pictures of suspected johns license plates and pictures of known prostitutes getting into cars and sends them to the police.

If we take the johns off of the streets then we are taking the demand out of the equation. The often married or sexual predators will be afraid to prey off of addicts trying to find their next fix.

Hey, I'm not saying these are innocent girls, I'm just saying both the johns and prostitutes need to go. Hopefully, in the next few weeks the HPD will throw some nets out to catch some johns.

If they do, don't be surprised to see some pretty big fish being paraded across newscasts and Facebook pages. If not big fish, then at least some rich or powerful fish

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