Preparing for the Unthinkable... What if Someone Pushes Nuclear Buttons?

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Preparing for the Unthinkable... What if Someone Pushes Nuclear Buttons?
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Where do you go if one or more world leaders unleashes one or more nukes?  

How many determines the answer. The U.S., Russsia, and China have enough warheads to destroy life (eventually) on planet earth. Survival? Do you want to?

Assuming a 'rogue' , limited, or terrorist 'dirty bomb' attack, preparations have some linkage to extreme wind storms. If you're not living at or near a 'ground zero,' the radioactive fallout in the atmosphere becomes the devil. You must avoid exposure which prevents contamination and radiation sickness. 

During the days of the Cold War, when Huntington's Nickel Planet contained the classified Huntington Pilot Plant which made or recycled products for three of the nation's bomb making diffusion plants (Oak Ridge, Paducah, Piketon), Huntington stayed near the top of first strike lists. 

You might still see a faded yellow and black fallout shelter sign. But the location likely does not contain survival supplies. 

Cellars and basements work especially if you place some extra concrete between the ground and living space. 

Believe it or not, abandoned missile bunkers have become bunkers for the wealthy -- survival condos, which often range into the millions. 

 The website Ask a Prepper offers advice. For instance, Detroit, Houston and Cleveland have abandoned salt mines underneath the city. 

The site has a state specific map for suggested refuge. Fortunately, WV has a coal mining history. Those mines can save lives if a "Dr. Strangelove" outbreak blasts big cities.

Again, Prepper stresses underground mine, especially those abandoned. 

From their unvetted data base, here are some nearby mines to Huntington, WV:

1. No. 3 Mine, Wayne, WV  (abandoned; underground)

2. Deep Mine No. 3, 4 and 5, Dunlow, WV (abandoned underground and sealed)

3. Frank Branch No. 2 , Dunlow, WV (abandoned, underground)

4. Tiny Creek No. 2 Mine, Alum Creek, WV  (abandoned, underground)

5. Tantrough No. 1 Mine, Charleston, WV (abandoned, underground, sealed)

6. No. 1, Catlettsburg, Ky. (abandoned and sealed)

7. No.  1 & 2 Pikeville, Ky. (abandoned and underground)

8. No. 1  Louisa, Ky. (abandoned, underground)

9. East Lynn (WV) Mine (temporarily idled; underground)

10. Camp Creek Mine , East Lynn, WV (active, underground)

The list contains mines in Lovely, Gilbert, Lyburn, Holden, Matewan, and more.  Most are or were formerly bituminous coal mines.

Of course, the web site found these through a Google search. Don't expect them to be weloming and habitable. In a panic in on doomsday and the days after, survival means planning i.e. food supplies, medicine, weapons, clothing, etc.




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