LETTER TO EDITOR: Consider OD Toll on First Responders

Updated 2 years ago Edited from a Press Release
LETTER TO EDITOR: Consider OD Toll on First Responders

Does anyone actually know what our EMS, Firemen and police officers go through physically, emotionally and mentally every time they are called out to an over dose? Have you experienced their shortness of temperament?

Think about it. If you come to an over dose, the person is blue, no response, maybe a heart beat, maybe not; definitely not breathing. If you were susceptible to this more than once a day, knowing they done this to their selves, how do you think you would react?

In two days I have experienced two over doses. I am physically, emotionally and mentally wore out. I only want to stay in my room and hide.

Our emergency service personnel need more appreciation and respect. They have their hands tied and can only do what they are allowed.

A friend suggested one hour of community service for each dollar spent on narcan. I'm asking for them to be arrested or put in a mental hospital for attempted suicide.

Before the question is asked, no it wasn't in or around the club. I had drove up on them and called 911


Former Huntington City Council Member

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