by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent
A Flashback Evokes Jake's Bar Memories
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Who over 40 doesn't have memories from the old Jake's Bar on 3rd Avenue? 

Jake’s Bar lives on in Huntington, but it was the original Jake’s on 3rd Avenue that I’ll always remember. Who could ever forget John Black? John was the iconic owner of the bar in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. It was the ex- Herald Dispatch sports writer that everyone came to see….or was it his booming laugh that everyone came to hear?

Of course, John always kept a hot bar maid lurking around. Who could forget Becky’s legendary jean shorts in the 90’s?

The beer was always the coldest in town and the bartenders were quick and friendly (a rarity in Huntington these days it seems.) Jake's rocked long into the night.

Although Happy Hour brought close friends and a regular crowd, you never knew who would come drifting into Jake's in the wee hours as patrons would spill out of the other clubs around 2 and keep Jake’s rocking until 4AM.

Jake’s was the perfect place to watch Reds baseball (and hear expert though sometimes drunken commentary from John and his buddies) and Marshall football. Marshall gameday brought tailgating and huge spreads of food. Super Bowl was always a big day as well.

Jake's was the party home for everyone - lawyers, homeless, college students, bikers, sports enthusists, ect.

The patio outback featured horse shoes and the patio rocked on the closing party as karoke was featured as everyone gave Jake’s the send off it deserves.'

I remember when the Bengals were the worst team in the league I bet John 200 twice that they'd go to the Super Bowl... Of course I figured as long as he could count on that money, he wouldn't bar me.

 Who could forget the colorful characters who frequented Jake’s over the years like Beamer, Ed Canterbury, “Dawg”, “Ace”, Dougie, and friends that are no longer with us like “Sarge” and Houston.

The original Jakes will always have a special place in our hearts.

Edited.... Here is the link to the old Jake's Bar page.