FIRST LOOK: Do Star-Lord, Gamora, & Groot Foreshadow Marvels Hans, Darth, and Princess

Updated 2 years ago by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
FIRST LOOK:  Do Star-Lord, Gamora, & Groot Foreshadow Marvels Hans, Darth, and Princess

When George Lucas unveiled the risky, non mainstream "Star Wars", few believed that multiple sequels, franchises and blockbusters would follow. Paramount took a chance on Stephen Spielberg's homage to cliffhangers which placed Harrison Ford in the rope swiping Indiana Jones.

A new sheriff, marshal or , in this case, cinematic "bar" has arrived. Defying tradition, the sequel reigns a stratosphere above the introduction. 

"Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2" has enveloped a genre blending , something for everyone, adventure with sarcastic comedy and nostalgic songs. Stitched into the streaming laser fireworks, interpersonal (and intergalactic) can't we all get along at least with family bleeps , tip toes into romance, and a vastly symbolic exploration of the self god ego.

Vivid lasers blast and ships dodge destruction during the opening credits. Terse sarcasm sets the foundation assuring these 'Guardians' have returned and they bring you more than two solid hours of everything that's 21st Century big screen 'wow, what a ride' cinematic tentpole awesome.

Quickly the fresh quirky dysfunctional team affixes you to the screen. Peter Qurill/Starlost (Chris Pratt), Gamora ( Zoe Saldana ) , Rocket Racoon (Bradley Cooper), Baby Groot (Vin Diesel) , Drax (Dave Batista), and more grab swords, guns, arrows, rings, and cassette tapes of past hits such as "Brandi" for a vivid clobbering visual and verbal visceral continuum. Intergalactic battles galore (think, "Empire Strikes Back," and onslaughts from video games (think "Asteroids") have dark noir elements surrounded by heavenly beauty bound by the unceasing joking, sarcastic, blunt fresh retorts intense chemistries.

Underlying the furious action and callous dialogue, the essential Guardian team wrestle interpersonal feelings that swoon the spectrum from obsessive self love to distinctions among 'love' ranging from family, to friends and romantic yearnings.


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