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Former WOWK Anchor and Current CNN Anchor Tells Graduates to Stick to Dreams, Never Forget Where You Came From
Then WOWK news anchor, Brooke Baldwin, MC'ed the Appalachian Film Festival Award Ceremony at the Big Sandy Super Store Arena in 2003. Photo Tony Rutherford

Brooke Baldwin, current CNN afternoon anchor and former WOWK-TV morning news anchor, delivered the commencement speech Saturday at her alma mater the University of North Carolina  at Chapel Hill. 

Prior to her speech, Baldwin participated in the  question/answer session with at the School of Media and Journalism.

She joined CNN in 2008 and took over the CNN Newsroom anchor position in 2010. Baldwin participated in the network's presidential campaign/election coverage and co-anchored CNN's  New Year's Eve in New Orleans segment assisted by Don Lemon.

During the speech, she told graduates to "dream and never forget where you came from." 

Baldwin encouraged them not to give up, adding that when she started at CNN, she was freelancer part time. As a result, she had to move back in with her parents at age 29. 

She advised those stuck in depressing, lonely and dead end circumstances to, “Make the best of it – don’t be afraid to lean on friends in the tough times, and find people who believe in you."

Video by You Tube/UNC-Chapel Hill