Blind Date Sued for Texting at Texas Movie ... by her date

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Blind Date Sued for Texting at Texas Movie ... by her date

Most cinemas post and on screen messages continually remind viewers to turn off cell phones and/or put them on vibrate.

A 37-year-old communications consultant in Texas has sued his date for $17.31 after she continuously texted a friend during "Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2."

Brandon Vezmar said the woman's behavior "is a threat to civilized society," in a small claims court petition.

"Oh my God, this is crazy," the 35-year old woman said, requesting that he name not be used.

After the story ran in The Statesman, director James Gunn jokingly tweeted, "why stop at suing. She deserves jail time," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Vezmar said that he met the woman through an online advertisement. They were on their first date.

She told the Statesman, "“I had my phone low and I wasn’t bothering anybody,” she said. She was texting a friend, who was having a fight with her boyfriend.  It wasn’t like constant texting.”

The plaintiff relayed a message through the woman's sister prior to suing that he wanted his money back. She declined. She plans to seek a protective order.

None of the other patrons at the Barton Creek Square Cinema complained.

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