by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent, Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
UPDATED: Arrest Made after Rifle Fire near  Huntington's Eighth Avenue
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UPDATED: A Detroit man has been charged with wanton endangerment and destruction of property, according to the Herald Dispatch citing magistrate court records. Jabril Sharrieff Mitchell-Long has been charged in connection firing shots at some of his "acquaintances."  Rifle casing were recovered in the 700 block of Third Street. The incident took place around 7 o'clock in the vicinity of the 300 and 400 blocks of Third and Fourth Street on the southside.

EARLIER REPORT: Huntington police  responded to apparent shots fire from an automatic weapon in the vicinity of the 300 block of Eighth Avenue. The incident occurred around 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 17. According to scanner reports, houses have bullet holes in them.  An argument in the 400 block of Eighth Avenue apparently involved a man with a gun in his pocket.


A "wild" night continued in the city as up to three additional shots fired related calls came through scanner and eyewitness reports. Outcome(s) are preliminary and/or inconclusive as 'official' reports have yet to be released. No injuries reported.

Following the 8 p.m. Eighth Avenue report, law enforcement for a period of time  before  10 p.m. blocked traffic as they investigated shots in the 1900 block of Charleston Avenue believed to involve two black males. Shots were reported on 12th Avenue also.

Finally, an incident near the Route 60 and Roby Road near  Fruth Pharmacy , Special Metals and the Guyandotte River.  Multiple reports stated traffic detours from the Sheriff's Department  , State Police and HPD , including K-9 units searching the area and officers holding rifles.

David Williams told HNN officers were searching for an African American male wearing sweat pants, white shirt, and blue or black zip up jacket. Williams related that officers questioned two individuals in a vehicle at the Park and Ride near Special Metals and that a "door breach" may have been part of the incident.

Cabell County Sheriff's Department and State Police as well as units from HPD were at the Rt. 60 scene.

UPDATED: Arrest Made after Rifle Fire near  Huntington's Eighth Avenue

Unrelated  to the shots fired dispatches, Williams at about 1:15 a.m. May 18 wrote:

"The madness continues... 1:15 AM. Was walking AJ Dawg downtown near four  and a half Alley when we saw lights flashing. About 14th Street there were three cop cars and an ambulance. A young man was all jacked up. They checked his car and I heard an officer tell him they took his Meth pipe. He seemed pretty bummed out about that but lucky for him he had someone driver. I did see the officer write him a ticket... Likely for drug paraphernalia. The boy was definitely tripping..."

Williams continued, when the paramedics prepared to leave they were head stating, "...just another night in Huntington."


Early indications suggest an argument at Eighth Avenue and Fourth Street led to a black male pulling a gun. Subsequently, he allegedly drove past and fire shots from what a witness termed "a machine gun."

Scanner and other sources indicate that additional shots have been fired in the 1900 block of Charleston Avenue.

No other details are available.