Large Presence of Law Enforcement Searched Huntington's Rt. 60 on Wednesday, May 17

Updated 1 year ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports, Scott Caserta, HNN Contributor
Large Presence of  Law Enforcement Searched Huntington's Rt. 60 on Wednesday,  May 17

Multiple law enforcement agencies blocked off a large portion of Huntington's East end including US Rt 60E and Washington Blvd looking for a suspect who bit an officer and fled in foot.

This occurred after a vehicle stop discovered several guns in a vehicle occupied by 4 people. Shots were fired in multiple areas around the scene perimeter and arrests were made. Residents were warned to stay inside as they search with dogs.

Multiple law enforcement agencies searched for multiple suspects.  One vehicle was reported in a parking area across from Special Metals. Other locations with police activity were near Burger King, the woods near Rotary Park, and Fruth Pharmacy. Various detours were set up as officers and K-9s searched the area.

No official word has been released, but one source said that a stopped vehicle contained stolen weapons and one or more suspects ran.

Apparently unrelated, numerous reports circulated on social media  based on scanner, dispatches eyewitnesses, and neighbors on Wednesday evening when a wave of 'shots fired' calls circulated throughout portions of Huntington. They included locations around the 300 and 400 block of Eighth Avenue, 1900 block of Charleston Avenue, 12th Avenue, Artisan Avenue and Olive Street. No injuries were reported.

Several social media members complained that further details have not been detailed in the larger media stating, "we have a right to keep our families safe."

Steve J. Davis, chairman/ founder of Concerned Citizen of Huntington , said, "I am of the belief that our city is escalating in crime and lawlessness. Do you agree ? Do you think we need more law enforcement ?"


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