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The Cold War contained a homeland education program to prepare for the unthinkable -- a nuclear attack. One of the film used by Civil Defense was "Duck and Cover," a happy way of explaining survival techniques in the event of a mushroom cloud.

At that time, yellow and black signs distinguished fallout shelters in buildings. Those signs are faded. No supplies in them now. And, the most famous bunker has become a tourist mecca -- at the Greenbrier Resort.

A recent commentary suggested that mines and abandoned underground resources could be shelter --- but bring some food and water.

Meanwhile, urban  exploration has become a videographer/photographer extreme quest.  However, the  video  below explains shows a place where factory workers could apparently retreat in the event of a nuke attack. It's location is not specified, but there are Russian language items on the walls, so it's anticipated to be somewhere in the Ukraine or Russia.

How many of these exist in the U.S.?